Animal Health Technologist

Jenn spent most of her time growing up enjoying the great outdoors. She enjoyed trips to the lake and the mountains, and developed a fondness for wildlife, both big and small. She began volunteering at The Dolphin Lagoon in West Edmonton Mall, and developed very special bonds with some of the penguins who are still in their care. After spending 2 years there, she decided she wanted to be more involved with training, and educating people about wildlife and the environment we share.

In 2006, she graduated from NAIT’s Animal Health Technology program. She went on to volunteer at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, and worked as an Animal Health Technologist at the Edmonton Humane Society. She returned to train dolphins for 2 more years in a facility in Dubai, and was able to continue to rehabilitate wild animals, and also to educate the public through formal presentations, and interactive programs.

Upon returning to Canada, she jumped into small animal medicine, with a strong focus on pocket pets and exotics. After 4 years in the practice, she and her husband moved to the country and bought a small farm. She left the world of small animals and exotics, and traded them for horses, cows, and elk, among other hooved creatures.

After the birth of their first child, Jenn thought she was done being a Tech… but the force is strong with this one…

Jenn is excited to be returning to work after a year of maternity leave! She is looking forward to working with former staff and clients, as well as meet new ones.

“I hope to reestablish the bonds I once had with both our clients and their pets. I have certainly missed watching my patients progress though their lives. I hope to be able to use my experience with behavioural modification and positive reinforcement to help you with behavioural concerns that you may have with your pet.”