Book your Pet's Wellness Exam. 

Unlike humans, your pet can’t tell you when something hurts. That’s why it’s important for your dog or cat to undergo regular physical exams at every age!

These examinations help notify us to any signs or symptoms that may indicate disease or ill health,  and allow us to put your pet on the road to lasting health through prevention and management.

We will offer you advice on the best nutrition for your pet, and will complete other diagnostic testing like bloodwork or other laboratory testing, x-ray or ultrasound. We’ll also advise you on general maintenance of your animal, basic health techniques and hygiene so you can keep their nails, coat and ears in tip-top shape!

We’ll talk to you about parasite control, and ensure you pet’s immunity is up to date. 

Erin Ridge Veterinary Centre also offer genetic counselling. This is where we let you know whether there are any signs and symptoms to look out for like diseases or conditions that might be common to your pet’s breed or type.